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Want to drop us a line? Now, here's your chance! We here at Powerhouse Wrestling would like to hear from you whether it be from wrestlers, fans or just anyone who loves and respects the sport of professional wrestling. For anyone who has seen the website or Powerhouse Wrestling in general and would like to comment, use the form below and it will be put on the website on the bottom of this page. Thanks for the support and we will see you at ringside!
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"PHW rocks! It's better than WWE & ECW; keep up the good work!"
-Kevin Brosnan
Powerhouse Wrestling fan
"I waa at the wrestling show for Powerhouse Wrestling Saturday the 26th in Worcester; I had a great time."
Powerhouse Wrestling fan
"I  am a huge fan of Powerhouse and I wanted to say I have absolutely loved the past few Powerhouse shows I have seen."
-Ryan Hartman
Powerhouse Wrestling fan
"Hey, great show last night! Looking forward to the next show in September, I already got my tickets..."
-Kevin Brosnan
Powerhouse Wrestling fan
"I went to "Hardcore Reunion", way more extreme than WWE, which I love!"
-Alyis Woodward
Powerhouse Wrestling fan
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