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Venom 2008
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Here are the results of the "Venom" event, courtesy of ShawnO.
Saturday, January 19, 2008 
National Guard Armory - Worcester, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Dan Burke
Referees: Paul Noel, Tony S. and Zach Carter
Attendance: 500+ (603 tickets sold)

Stars advertised and in attendance: Capt. Lou Albano, Ugene, Ricky Morton and  Savio Vega.

GQ Smooth with Sammi Lane vs. "The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. with "Flyin" Fred Curry, Sr.
"The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. def over G.Q. Smooth. GQ was way over in this match, but came up with the short end of the stick. GQ blamed Sammi for the loss, and went to attack her. Both Currys jumped in the ring to save her, and Fred Sr. knocked GQ on his ass with a vicious punch to the face. Sammi left the ring with her new friends, the Currys.

Josh Daniels vs. Mikaze
Josh Daniels def. Mikaze. Match of the Night. Match of the Month candidate. Non-stop, fast action from both men for well over ten minutes at least. Wonderful match.

Six Man Elimination Match where the final two men recieve a shot for the PHW Tag Team Championship:
Featuring: Furio Falcone, "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred, Moondog Maximus, Bobby Flamingo, Wolfman Banford and Kristian Frost
"The Widowmaker" Eric Shred & Furio Falcone survive def. Bobby Flamingo, Moondog Maximus, Wolfman Banford and Kristian Frost. This match seemed to be an elimination style match, but the final two men in the ring were declared the winners as if they were tag team partners. This was a very confusing setup, but it made sense after the promo that followed. Powerhouse promoter Chris Setaro came out and said since Falcone & Shred won the six man elimination match,  they would now face Men Of Business for the Tag Team Championship.

PHW Tag Team Championship:
"The Widowmaker" Eric Shred & Furio Falcone
PHW Tag Team Champions Men Of Business (Paul E. Normus & Jimmy "Jact" Cash) with Da Bronx Thug
PHW Tag Team Champs Men Of Business (Jimmy "Jact" Cash & Paul E. Normus) with Da Bronx Thug def. "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred & Furio Falcone to retain the championship.

Promo with The MOB & Chris Setaro. Chris aligns himself with the champions, and plans on reeking havoc within Powerhouse. They bring out a "Jameson" type nerdy guy to make fun of and they did just that, as they beat him up to embarrass him. Ricky Morton comes out to save the day and this sets up one of the main event matches. Jimmy "Jact" Cash says if he wins, Ricky has to retire...and if Ricky wins, he will get a Tag Team Championship opportunity with an unknown partner in the future.

Evil Machine vs. Shockwave
Shockwave def. Evil Machine. Match opens with a dance off, which turned into an actual wrestling match. Shockwave finishes off the event dancing with a kid from ringside.

PHW Tag Team Champion Paul E. Normus with PHW Tag Team Champion Jimmy "Jact" Cash & Lil' Killa
PHW Tag Team Champion Paul E. Normus def. Ugene. Ugene went to finish off Paul with Hulk Hogan-style lleg drop but the M.O.B. manager distracted the referee. Jimmy jumps in the ring but only to get hit with the Cena-style FU. The referee then tends to Jimmy, and the manager throws powder in Ugene's face, allowing Paul to get the pinfall victory.

Intermission for Polaroids with Ugene & Ricky Morton...autographs with the Currys, The Evil Machine, Captain Lou Albano, Shockwave, Josh Daniels, Savio Vega, Don Vega, among others.

Intergender Match:
Sammi Lane vs. Da Bronx Thug with Lil' Killa
Sammi Lane def. Da Bronx Thug. Da Bronx Thug threw a temper tantrum in the ring since he was embarrassed the he lost to a female.

Kennel Club vs. Slaughterhouse
Slaughterhouse def. Kennel Club. After the match, Maximus attacked Wolfie because he lost yet another match tonight.

PHW Tag Team Champion Jimmy "Jact" Cash with Lil' Killa & PHW Tag Team Champion Paul E. Normus
Ricky Morton
Former NWA/WCW star Ricky Morton of the Rock & Roll Express def. PHW Tag Team Champion Jimmy "Jact" Cash via disqualification (reverse decision). Originally, Jimmy got the win via submission after Ricky got hit with a chair. Ugene ran out to save Ricky from the M.O.B.'s post-match attacks. Powerhouse promoter Chris Setaro then stormed out...said he was sick and tired of the M.O.B.'s cheating ways...then reversed the decision. Chris said Ugene & Ricky would face Jimmy & Paul for the Tag Team Championship on their September event.
Street Fight:
Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Big Business & "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino
"The Punisher" Don Vega & Savio Vega
"The Punisher" Don Vega & former WWE star Savio Vega over "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino & Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Big Business in a street fight. Weapons of choice include chairs, steel chains, and a car windshield. Gino was thrown through the car windshield that was set up in the corner. Savio, Don, and Gino left the ring bloody messes. As a result, of this victory, "The Punisher" Don Vega will recieve a match against Big Business for the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

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