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Here is an exclusive pre-event interview with reigning Heavyweight Champion Big Business.
The reigning Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Big Business.

PHW: Over the last few weeks, Powerhouse Wrestling fans have watched Chris' Hot Seat on television as well as here on the official site. I'm wondering, what you have to say to the fans?

BB: Yes, there is only one Big Business, and he is the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion; and if the fans hear or see anyone else going by the name "Big Business", tell them what the hell I said (and give them the finger!), and if you think that the pain and destrcution I've caused thus far is bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

PHW: This Saturday at the Worcester Armory, you'll be going into battle with fellow M.O.B. member Gino Martino in a Street Fight against 'The Punisher' Don Vega and his cousin, former WWE Superstar Savio Vega. Is there anything you'd like to say about this brutal match coming up?

BB: Savio's reputation proceeds itself. He's no stranger to violence (neither is Don Vega for that matter), but let's be real here, folks. I am seven feet tall, 300 lbs. worth of beat down and Gino Martino is a bonafide wrecking ball who also, I'd like to add, has an obsession with cutting off body parts. Isn't that right, Don? If they want a fight, then we're going to war; and what better place than the National Guard Armory in Worcester!

PHW: This feud between you and Don Vega has been boiling since September when you defeated him for the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and completely shocked the audience at the Worcester Armory. What do you have to say to the people who dislike the Men Of Business and do you think the end is near with the feud between yourself and Don Vega?

BB: Look, business is business! If you don't like the MOB, that's fine. But do yourself a favor, stay out of our way, because we leave a bloody trail in our path! You mess with us, and I assure you, you'll be jacked up, cut up, stuck up and f***ed up by the time we're done with you! If Vega thinks he's gonna keep coming after my title and waiting around corners to attack me like a rabid dog, then he'll have to be put to sleep!


PHW: Every Powerhouse Wrestling fan is talking about a big announcement that owner Chris Setaro has for us and all we know is that in involves the month of April. What are your thoughts?

BB: You're all in for one hell of a surprise, but it's not me that should be worried, it's the surprise itself.

PHW: In closing, any last remarks?

BB: Yes, there is...Big Business can't be stopped!
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