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Highway To Hell 2007
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 Powerhouse Wrestling of New England would like to thank all of you who came down to the Worcester Armory on January 27, 2007 for Highway To Hell. Here's the rundown for the event.

GQ Smooth vs. Doink The Clown
Doink The Clown def. GQ Smooth with Johnny Fabulous to kick off the show.
Heart Throbs vs. Underground Kings
Heart Throbs (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas) def. Underground Kings (Slyck Wagner Brown & Osirus) after a double STO.
Danny Jaxx vs. Shockwave
anny Jaxx def. Shockwave after an attempted sunset flip by Shockwave turned into a defeat when Jaxx hooked the second rope for the win.
Intergender Tag Team Match:
"Powerhouse" Tim Pittman & The Skunk
Mia Love & Powerhouse Wrestling Women's Champion Amber
Mia Love & Amber doiminated their two male conterparts and def. Tim Pittman & The Skunk.
Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy "Jact" Cash
Jimmy "Jact" Cash def. TNA Wrestling's Jay Lethal after Jact hit his finishing maneuver, the megaconglomorate bomb for the three.
Texas Bull Rope Match for the NWW United States Championship:
NWW United States Champion "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred vs. Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw in an upset, def. "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred to become the new NWW United States Champion.
Hardcore Tag Team Match: 
Vachon Brothers vs. Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse def. Vachon Brothers in a wild Tag Team Match.
Four Way Elimination Match for the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship:
Big Business
Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion "The Punisher" Don Vega
"Kidd U.S.A." Jay Jaillet
Kevin Landry
"The Punisher" Don Vega outlated three different challengers in this Four Way Elimination Match to retain the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.
"Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino vs. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka def. "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino with a rollup. Martino, frrustrated with the loss, headbutted referee Paul Noel.
Hardcore Match:
Rick Fuller vs. Abyss
Rick Fuller and Abyss wrestled their Hardcore Match to a no contest after the interference of Jimmy "Jact" Cash & The Outpatient who incidentally, was chokeslammed by Rick Fuller and Jimmy Cash was chokeslammed through a table by Abyss.

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