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Powerhouse Wrestling Owner Chris Setaro conducts a statement regarding the April 26 "Hardcore Reunion" event.
Owner of Powerhouse Wrestling, Chris Setaro.
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
11:05 PM
"First off, I'd personally like to thank you, the fans of Powerhouse Wrestling for supporting us thick and thin throughout the past nine years and we'll continue to give you nothing but the best in the months and years to come. As it pertains to our upcoming event, "Hardcore Reunion" on Saturday night, April 26, we understand that right now in this country, we are undergoing a minor recession in our economy and we also see the picture that it is difficult for individuals to obtain money for events. Which is why this being our biggest event in out nine-year history, instead of tickets being eccedingly overpriced, I have decided to make a special deal. We, here at Powerohuse Wrestling want nothing but the absolute best for our fans as well as make our events the most affordable event possible, which is why for this event only, there is a one price, all seat deal of $25! That's right, all tickets, from the back, middle, even ringside, only $25 and remember, you can recieve your tickets for "Hardcore Reunion" at your local FYE retailer.
We strongly encourage all of our great fans to take advantage of this one of a kind golden opportunity to be a part to the biggest event in the nine-year history of this organization. Another thanks to you, our fans and see you in the Worcester Armory for "Hardcore Reunion!"
Chris Setaro
Owner, Powerhouse Wrestling of New England
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