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Snake Bite 2008
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Here are the results of the "Venom" event.
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On Saturday night, September 6, Powerhouse Wrestling presented “Snake Bite”, which was set to be one of the biggest events put on by owner Chris Setaro. However, just days before the event, PHW was faced with a few problems that could hurt any promotion. One problem was that one of the headlined competitors, “King Of Old School” Steve Corino had an unexpected happening in Puerto Rico, which would prevent Corino to appear at the event. Another promoted star, Ricky Landell, was forced to cancel his appearance due to outside conflictions with Landell’s main promotion, AWA Superstars of Wrestling, in which he is the AWA Fighting World Champion. To make sure the event went on as scheduled, Powerhouse Wrestling replaced Steve Corino with another former ECW star Spike Dudley, and replaced Ricky Landell with New England standout Chase Del Monte.

Unfortunately, when things seemed like the worst was over, Setaro was not through yet. Weather forecasters said that Worcester would get hit with the remnants of Hurricane Hanna and faced with a harsh decision about either to cancel the event or go forth, Powerhouse Wrestling went forward with the event. As the hours drew closer and Hanna moved up the east coast and began to hit New Jersey & New York, a number of wrestlers cancelled their date with PHW as All Money Is Legal, "The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. and Judas Young were all forced to cancel due to Hurricane Hanna and PowehHouse Wrestling Management put together a number of replacements, just so they could please their fans.

As the rain began to fall in Worcester, and Hurricane Hanna moved closer to the Worcester Armory, so did the fans. The loyal fans began to fill the scorching Armory, PHW officials announced the changed event lineup as the fans were treated to the viewing on a number of rear snakes and an alligator, which was a special surprise brought in for the “Snake Bite” event.

The event started around 7:45 PM with a special ten bell salute to the late, great Walter “Killer” Kowalski. All the wrestlers got into the ring, put a side their differences to pay their respects to Kowalski as the bell rang in his honor. Many of the wrestlers that wrestle for Powerhouse Wrestling trained at Killer Kowalski's Wrestling School. For many this was their first event after his death and you could see that many were moved during this time.

"The Widowmaker" Eric Shred vs. "The Punisher" Don Vega
The opening match featured Don Vega going one on one with “The Widowmaker” Eric Shred. It was a back and forth match, but at the end Don Vega came out with the victory. In a respect, Shred reached out his hand for shake Vega’s hand.
Triple Threat Match for the PHW Women's Championship:
PHW Women's Champion Amber vs. Mia Love vs. Sammi Lane

In a match that was changed to help delight the fans, the PHW Women’s title was defended in a Triple Threat Match, as PHW Women’s Champion Amber put the title on the line against Sammi Lane & Mia Love, who was added to the show a few hours before doors opened. When the bell rang, Amber jumped to the outside to let Sammi and Mia face off, she said, "she was not finished stretching", but when Sammi Lane went for a cover on Mia Love, Amber was back in to stop the pinfall. That is when Amber over on Sammi as she choked Lane on the ropes, followed by a snapmare and a dropkick to the face, and then, talked Mia Love into helping her take out Sammi, so they could face off. They used many double team moves and then hit a double DDT on Sammi and when Amber went for the cover, Mia turned on Amber and hit her with an unbelievable spinebuster. Mia pulled Amber to her feet and through her into the ropes. Amber hooked the ropes to make her stop and Mia Love when on the attack. However, Amber pulled the ropes down, which send her to the armory floor. Amber went for a spin kick to Sammi Lane, but she ducked and rolled her up for the three count.

As the ring announcer was about to make the introductions for the next match, he was stopped by The M.O.B. (Men Of Business). Jimmy "Jact" Cash lead his team out to the ring so he could, in his mind, let the fans in Worcester know what was going on. He said that Gino Martino would wrap the chain around Spike Dudley’s neck until Spike quit Powerhouse Wrestling, and then moved on to Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and went on to say that he would make it so that no one would ever remember the name "Jake Roberts." Cash then called out his partner Paul E. Normus and said that he would take out the has been, Jim Powers. When the fans thought they heard all they could stand from Jimmy Cash, he announced that in January of 2009, Powerhouse Wrestling was doing a hardcore comeback show entitled “Hardcore Hangover." and stated that The M.O.B. planned on ending any plans of an extreme resurrection in Powerhouse. Commissioner Dan Burke, entered the ring an announced to The M.O.B. that the new face of Powerhouse would be extreme and sent all members of the Men Of Business to the locker room, except for Paul E Normus because his match was next.

PHW Tag Team Champion Paul E. Normus vs. Jim Powers
Former WWF & WCW superstar Jim Powers came to the ring to face the younger, stronger Paul E. Normus, and from the opening bell, Powers used his wrestling knowledge to take Normus off his game. Jim Powers sent Normus into the ropes, however, missed with a clothesline and Paul E. connected with his clothesline. At that point, Normus took over using his strength and would slam Powers and then proceed to choke him in the ropes. Once Normus got Powers on the mat, he hooked a headlock, but the fans got Powers back into the match and Powers fired up. One of the M.O.B. members returned to ringside and grasped Jim and as Normus charged Powers, who was able to move and school boy Paul E. after the M.O.B. members hit heads and Powers pinned Paul E. Normus for the victory.

Josh Daniels vs. Chase Del Monte
In what was the match of the night, Josh Daniels faced off against Chase Del Monte and this was a real fast paced, hard hitting wrestling contest. Del Monte came at Daniels hard and took to the air with a number or dropkicks and a Lionsault onto Daniels, who kicked out at two. Josh Daniels fired back with load chops, and not to be outdone, Del Monte used a number of stiff european uppercuts to get back into the match. Daniels, a wrestler that rarely goes to the top rope, hit a picture-perfect elbow drop from the heavens. A last minute comeback by Chase saw a superkick land on the square on the chin of Daniels and went to the top rope for a dropkick, but missed and Daniels hit a german suplex for the win.

During intermission, the fans got the chance to meet a number of the wrestlers as Jim Powers, Moondog Maximus, Paul E. Normus, and others signed autographs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts came out to the ring to take Polaroid photos with the fans, but in the ring was the “Lizard Man” (person that brought the snakes to the event), and in a way to protect the fans, he ordered the promoter to send the snake back to the cage. Roberts said, “I want the fans to feel safe in the ring and feel like they can meet me.” It got a nice cheer from the young children that were afraid of the snake and want to get a photo with the wrestling legend.
Chain Match:
"Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino vs. Spike Dudley

After intermission, Gino Martino made his way to the ring with the chain already around his hand, and said that Steve Corino was smart in not coming to Worcester and that Spike Dudley was in for a beating. Before Spike could get hooked up to the chain, Gino was on him as the match started on the armory floor. Gino Martino outweighed Spike by more than 50 pounds, as Spike was able to get a chair from a fan but it went to no use, as the chair was plastic and the “Extreme Strongman” just pushed it aside. Spike was able to get a steel folding chair and do some real damage to the larger opponent as Gino came back and started to choke out Spike with the chain and just as referee Chuck Morris was going to call for the bell, Gino got off Spike and left the ring. However, when he returned, he had a bed of nails. Gino went to slam Spike onto the bed of nails but was able to get away and hit the Dudley Dog onto the bed of nails and had the match won when Jimmy "Jact" Cash hit the ring and attacked Spike. Cash hit his pumphandle powerbomb on Spike Dudley and pulled Gino onto of Spike to get the pinfall.

Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship:
Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Big Business vs. Chris Camaro


Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Big Business was set to defend his title against "The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr., but because of Hurricane Hanna, was forced to miss the event. Replacing Curry was Chris Camaro who Camero hit the ring hard, trying to use his speed to overcome the huge height & weight differences, but once Big Business got his hands on Camaro, he made short work of him.

Four Team Tornado Match:
Wrecking Crew (Pierre "The Beast" Vachon & Jum Tanner)
Dark Side
Slaughterhouse (The Outpatient & Crazy Chainsaw Bastard)
The Animals (Moondog Maximus & "Bionic" Dan Bidondi)


In a special Four Team Tornado Match, Slaughterhouse defeated Wrecking Crew, Darkside and The Animals. This match saw chairs, baseball bats, a chainsaw, chains, and a bone and it was pure madness with Slaughterhouse getting the win.

PHW Tag Team Champion
Jimmy "Jact" Cash vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

The main event saw Jake “The Snake” Roberts go one on one with Jimmy “Jact” Cash, who came to the ring first, however, the fans exploded when Jake Roberts came through the curtain. Before the bell could ring to officially start the match, Jimmy was on top of Jake Roberts and using headlocks and chokes to keep “The Snake” down. Roberts came back with a short arm clothesline. Jimmy Cash got back to his feet and went for Roberts, who was waiting on Cash with rights and lefts. Cash went to sent Jake in to the ropes but Roberts held on to Cash's arm and pulled him in for a DDT to get the win.

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