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This apology is in regards to Jake "The Snake" Roberts' advertisement at our next event, "Hardcore Reunion III".
To the loyal fans of Powerhouse Wrestling:
On behalf of everyone associated with Powerhouse Wrestling, we would like to apologize to you, the fans, for the dishonest and misleading advertisement of Jake "The Snake" Roberts to appear at our next event, "Hardcore Reunion III".
Mr. Roberts did not agree in principle to appear at our next event and we apologize.
Most importantly, we would like to deeply and sincerely apologize to Mr. Roberts for this unconfortable and unfortunate situation. We here at Powerhouse Wrestling have had the pleasure of having Mr. Roberts featured on our live events, as recently as September 2008; as he was advertised and scheduled to appear at that event and did just that.
Jake has been a pleasure not only to work with at our events but to do business with and we sincerely hope that myself, Powerhouse Wrestling, and along with, Mr. Roberts and those who are closely and directly associated with him, can come to terms and come together to do business in the foreseeable future.
We vow that any misleadings and dishonesty to our fans and in general, the wrestling public on our part will never happen again.
With Regret,
Chris Setaro
Owner, Powerhouse Wrestling
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