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Shane Douglas "Franchised" Out Of "Hardcore Reunion III"
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Change. It is a small but powerful force in life; and as it relates to "Hardcore Reunion III", it is an unfortunate one as "The Franchise" Shane Douglas will be unable to appear due to a cost-cutting move by Owner Chris Setaro.
"The economy's present state continues to take its toll on everyone and everything and Powerhouse Wrestling is no exception. Shane & myself discussed this subject at length and explained that at this time, it was not financially sound on my part for him to appear on May 22 in Worcester and he understood. I, along with everyone here at Powerhouse deeply apoolgize for any inconviences by this decision. However, Shane plans to return to "Franchise" PHW in the immediate future."
Though unsuccessful on securing the in-ring talent of the former three-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Setaro's direction toward May 22 remains optimistic.
"Be sure to get your tickets now for "Hardcore Reunion III" as we surely plan on giving the fans one hell of a show and as always, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."
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