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Tickets are $20, $15 and $10.
Advance tickets for V.I.P., General Admission for children under 12 seating will be available at...
Leicester Training & Fitness Center - 69 Main St. - Cherry Valley, MA; (508) 892 - 5379
Lincoln Discount Liquors - 560 Lincoln St. - Worcester, MA; (508) 856 - 7113
The Express Line - 1130 Pleasant St. - Worcester, MA; (508) 795 - 1111
Xtreme Fitness - 725 Grafton St. - Worcester, MA; (508) 797-9088
...and at the door.
*NO VIDEO CAMERAS ALLOWED*                        *Card Subject To Change*
*When scheduled talent is/are unable to appear due to circumstances beyond the control of the promoter, the promoter reserves the right to make suitable substitution(s).*

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