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Setaro's Statement for Saturday in Webster

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In the professional wrestling industry, in-advance plans and situations can change on the drop of a dime and that statement can not be any more true within the world of Powerhouse Wrestling.
In the weeks and even days leading up to this Saturday's event in Webster, rumblings and rumors surrounding the confirmed appearances of Rhino, Sabu and/or Zach Gowen were swirling; even those who operate closely within PHW were unsure as to what was really going on. Earlier this week, after weeks of attempts, we were able to finally get in contact via telephone with PHW Owner Chris Setaro, and even though he was somewhat elusive in his answers to our line of questioning, he finally put these rumors to rest.
"I would like to first and foremost apologize to the fans on such short notice for the information that I'm about to reveal; I, as the owner of Powerohuse Wrestling, take pride in all aspects of the company and when situations like this occur, it is in my best interest to inform you, the fans, especially the ones that have purchased tickets to Saturday night's event in Webster, what you deserve to know."
We were informed that he and former ECW & NWA World Heavyweight Champion Sabu, after months of meetings and attempts, were unable to make a complete apperance bond and as a result, will not be appearing in Webster on Saturday night. Mr. Setaro also informed us about the current appearance statuses of Rhino & Zach Gowen:
"On the scenario concerning Rhino & Zach Gowen for this Saturday night in Webster, plans for their appearance have recently been changed and I'm making every effort to bring these two great athletes into PHW. In the event that we are unable to come to an agreement, suitable replacements have been made and are ready to appear this Saturday night."
We were not informed as to who the possible replacements would be for Saturday's event, but all that we do know is that Mr. Setaro has assured us that history will be made one way or another Saturday night in Webster.
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