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Mayhem In May 2006
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Powerhouse Wrestling of New England would like to thank all of you who came down to the Worcester Armory on May 13, 2006 for Mayhem In May. Here's the rundown for the event.

Fatty Pimp Daddy vs. Crazy Mexican
In the first of two special bonus matches, Fatty Pimp Daddy def. Crazy Mexican with a devastating drop-off for the three count.
Angel vs. Nero
In the second special attraction matchup before the start of Mayhem In May, Angel gained an inmpressive victory after executing a crushing inverted neckbreaker to gain the win.
"Big" Rick Fuller vs. Avel Graves
Mayhem In May kicked off with "Big" Rick Fuller picking up a decisive victory over Avel Graves with a chokeslam.
GQ Smooth vs. Big Business
Big Business picked up a hard fought win after defeating GQ Smooth with his patented maneuver, the Bank Roll.
The Skunk vs. Doink The Clown
Special Guest Referee: Big O
Special Guest Referee Big O disqualified The Skunk fr using an illegal foreign object and declared the winner of the match as Doink The Clown.
Powerhouse Wrestling Tag Team Championship:
French Connection (Rush & Maniac Martin) vs. Jimmy "Jact" Cash & "Big" Rick Fuller
In the first of the night's championship matches, Rush & Maniac Martin teamed up as the French Connection to take on Jimmy "Jact" Cash and surprise tag team partner, "Big" Rick Fuller. With the approval of referee Tony S. & Johnny Fabulous, the match was on. After a crushing double team maneuver, Jimmy "Jact" Cash & "Big" Rick Fuller were victorious and were crowned as the new Powerhouse Wrestling Tag Team Champions.
Brickhouse Baker vs. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko
In his Powerhouse debut, "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko defeated a very game Brickhouse Baker with a surprising rollup to get the win.
Osirus vs. The Widowmaker
In this very intense matchup, The Widowmaker gained a very impressive win after defeating Osirus with his finishing maneuver, simply known as The Widowmaker.
Boot Camp Match for the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship:
"Iraqi Punisher" Don Vega with Tiny The Terrible
Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion "Kidd U.S.A." Jay Jaillet
In an exciting Boot Camp Match (with added stipulations that include the match being falls count anywhere, no disqualification and no countout) for the Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, anything went... and it did. After going everwhere inside the Worcester Armory, interference from the manager of "Iraqi Punisher" Don Vega, Tiny The Terrible, after referee Tony S. was taken out of the match with an accidental superkick from Jay Jaillet that was intended for Don Vega, Vega shocked the crowd at the Worcester Armory by pinning Jay Jaillet and was crowned Powerhouse Wrestling Heavyweight Champion for the first time.
Powerhouse Wrestling Tag Team Championship:
Powerhouse Wrestling Tag Team Champions Jimmy "Jact" Cash & "Big" Rick Fuller
"Dastardly" Danny Doring & Danny Jaxx
Jimmy "Jact" Cash & "Big" Rick Fuller, who defeated French Connection for the Powerhouse Wrestling Tag Team Championship earlier that night, defended the same championship this time against the last man to hold the ECW World Tag Team Championship, ECW alumist "Dastardly" Danny Doring & Danny Jaxx. After a competitive Tag Team Match, Rick Fuller ended the match violently with a vicious Big Boot to the face of Danny Doring to win the match and retain posession of the Powerhouse Wrestling Tag Team Championship.
Hardcore Tag Team Match:
Ron Zombie & "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino vs. Justin Credible & The Sandman
In the main event of the evening, we saw Ron Zombie & "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino take on ECW alumists, Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible & Former five-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, "The Original Hardcore Icon" The Sandman. With these four men in the ring with no rules, anything and everything did happen. After a brutal matchup, Ron Zombie & Gino Martino defeated The Sandman & Justin Credible.

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