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Welcome to the official website of Powerhouse Wrestling!

Let's cut to the chase...our next event, scheduled for Saturday, September 29, will NOT take place.
As of this time, the Powerhouse Wrestling website has no information as to why and how, at the very last minute, this event was deemed cancelled, and we were not given an explanation.
We do apologize for the short notice as well as the information of this Saturday's event; we hope to speak in-depth with PHW Owner Chris Setaro to find out why this decision was made and when Powerhouse Wrestling will be back in action.
On April 14 in Milan, Italy, on the television show "Lo Show Dei Record", over 6 million Italian households tuned in to witness Gino Martino setting a NEW world record, as in three minutes, he broke 45 massive slabs of cement over his head with a 16 lb. bowling ball!


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Powerhouse Wrestling can be seen on Retro Teleivision Network
on Saturday mornings at 2:00 AM on Charter TV channel 25.
For our local Worcester area fans, we will also be returning to WCCA TV-13
in the very near future with new showtimes!
Check back for more information.

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