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Five Questions with "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino

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Contact Us has five questions for M.O.B. member "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino.
*Due to the use of profanity used during this interview, discretion is advised.*
Member of the Men Of Business, "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino.
  1. At the end of the "Venom" event, fans who watched the Recap Show saw you taken out by Fred Curry, Jr. and his father. Is there anything you want to say about that?

    It all started few weeks prior. Old man Curry was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Old man Curry was a casualty of The M.O.B./Vega war bro, it's just that simple. I have no problem slapping an old man, he got me on a bad day and got in my way. I knew Vega was in the building and Donny boy was going to pay for jumping Big Biz two weeks earlier then I see this old man mugging for the camera not paying attention and bumping into me, it pissed me off and he needed to get b**** slapped for just being there.

    Every Powerhouse Wrestling fan knows what happened to Donny Vega that night. The senile old man should fill out a new prescription for his glasses and tred lightly around somone like me. I know old man Flying Fred is a legend himself, but if you don’t know who his dad "Wild Bull" Curry is, then brother, you better learn this sports history. You know, fans talk about Abdullah The Butcher or Terry Funk being the true hardcore legends, nah..."Wild Bull" Curry was hardcore when those men where in diapers. Bull Curry held the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Championship over 22 times.

    A Brass Knuckles Match is simply a Taped Fist Match, where you can win by knockout, pinfall or submission. No rules, no disqualifications. It’s a career ending match and Bull Curry was the best brawler in his day. I digress, old man Curry is a wily veteran, he has a set of balls the size of cantaloupes to do what he did, and as the fans know, he and his son "The Rocket" Curry jumped me and got their payback at PHW Venom. I seldom get knocked off my feet but they got me at my weakest and it was brilliant on their part.

    I can use the excuse I needed 15 stitches to close the gash in my head and a pair of pliers to pull the broken glass out of my neck and shoulders from the windshield Savio Vega propelled me earlier that night. I can use a million excuses, but if you know me, you know I admire what they did. It’s the art of war man, kudos to them. Now that they have taken our little feud to the next level brother, they didn’t get the job done, they didn’t put me out of wrestling for good. There is a target the size of a pickup truck on their back right now.

    I hope the spirit of "Wild Bull" Curry still breathes in them because if there is ever a time they need inner strength, it is now. The slaughter of that family is going to begin soon enough, the genocide of the Currys will happen here at Powerhouse Wrestling. The twisted mindset of Gino Martino is going to be unleashed soon enough. The screams of pain, agony and sorrow from the old man's wife and baby Freddy’s mother will be true music to my ears as they bring home the broken bodies of her loved ones.

  2. While on the subject of "Venom", many are wondering if we are going to see a rematch between you and Savio Vega. Fans loved the Tag Team Match from the event, what are the possibilities of this feud continuing?

    Vega threw me through a windshield and made me bleed buckets! Do think I will f’n forget what he did to me. Seriously, are you as retarded as you look? I know how to get to Savio, when the time comes, you’ll find that cutting off Don Vega’s finger to get his attention last time is nothing in comparison to what I will do next. The blood will spew like an erupting volcano next time we clash, it will happen and when it does, don’t bring the kids to that show.

  3. April 26th, exactly 27 days away, you will be stepping into the ring with the "Hardcore Icon", The Sandman. What is going to go through your mind during that match and what words do you want to say to Sandman?

    You're boring…you're overrated…no problem…

  4. Are there any particular training methods you're using for the upcoming match that you can let the PHW fans in on and what to expect?

    We’re a lot a like with our training methods. See, he likes his beer, I like my Jack & Coke; he likes his smokes, I like my Cigars; we both like to fight. The difference is I don’t need to carry a big stick to the ring to defend myself, I have the hardest skull in the world, I have untapped power and no man ever in pro wrestling will ever push the envelope will do what I've done. I will crush his f***ing reputation because that’s what I do. I don’t get the respect I deserve, I don’t get the recognition I deserve and I don’t get press and write ups I deserve, but you know ask the opponents I have left the ring beaten, bloddied and broken about me.

    You ask them how they feel the next day after a brawl with me. How they feel, how bruised up they are or how long their hospital stay was. That what is more important to me then some internet mark writing some biased bulls*** about me. I always get paid well and plan on adding to my resume with a win over the Extreme Icon. My reputation has always been; I do what I want all the time whenever and to whomever i want to and if you think you can stop me, f***ing bring it b****!

  5. Any last things you want to say before your big match against The Sandman?

    Come out and see The Sandman get his ass handed to him by me. There is a new dawn of violence emerging here in New England and I’m the main reason. Evil always prevails! I'm done.
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