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Hardcore Reunion 2008
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Here are the results of the "Hardcore Reunion" event.

Saturday, April 26, 2008 
National Guard Armory - Worcester, Massachusetts

Ring Announcers: Joe Bruin & Rich Palladino
Referees: Tony S. and Zach Carter
Attendance: 650+
A special thanks go out to:
Amber Sunset Lingerie
Bruno Silviera of Top Rope Photography
Christine J. Coons
Juan Alvarado of Indy Wrestling News
A full report of the event, can be seen courtesy of:
Results courtesy of: Juan Alvarado

"The Widowmaker" Eric Shred vs. "The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr.
"The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. def. "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred via pinfall.

Chief Financial Advisor of The M.O.B. Johnny Fabulous introduces their new public relations spokesperson Rocky Badabino, and Mr. Fabulous calls for this upcoming matchup:


Rocky Bababino vs. Da Bronx Thug

Special Guest Referee: Sammi Lane

Rocky Badabino def. Da Bronx Thug via pinfall

Three Team Texas Tornado Match to determine the number one contenders for the PHW Tag Team Championship:
Thrillogy (Chris Camaro & Mikaze)
Moondog Maximus & "Bionic" Dan Bidondi with Nurse Nikki
The Fronters (Chad Mulkie & Papi Cruz)
Thrillogy def. The Fronters and Moondog Maximus & "Bionic" Dan Bidondi via pinfall to become the number one contenders for the PHW Tag Team Championship.
After this match, co-holder of the Tag Team Championship Jimmy “Jact” Cash with fellow M.O.B. members Gino Martino, Mike Nice and Rocky Badabino take advantage of not only the number one contenders and the rest of the teams left after the match and completely cleaned house.

Jimmy “Jact” Cash grabbed the mic and formally announced the death of ECW as the fans once knew it, but is suddenly interrupted by Commissioner Dan Burke who claims that the original ECW was about the fans and hardcore wrestling is still alive and called out Dawn Marie (who receives a great ovation) to prove to him that the fans still care. “Jact” asks all members of the Men Of Business to leave the ring so that he, alone, to talk to Dawn and asks her to join The M.O.B., however, Dawn Responds by literally, slapping the taste out of his mouth. Jimmy then states, “I thought that was going to happen, so I had someone in mind that’s better than you, the “Original Diva” Tammy Sytch;” who tells Dawn “If it wasn't for her, she would never have had her cushy WWE job in the first place!”, and also tells her to “Bow down and kiss my feet!” Jimmy Cash then proceeds to pull Dawn Marie’s hair and attempts to put her down when Jason Knight strikes him with a chair to make the save.

Josh Daniels vs. Tommaso Ciampa
Josh Daniels def. Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall with a well-executed German suplex.
"The Punisher" Don Vega vs. Mike Nice
"The Punisher' Don Vega def. Mike Nice via pinfall with the sky-high.
Chris Camaro came to the ring, visibly effected by the post-match attack by The M.O.B., particularly Gino Martino, leaving him with a concussion, challenged Martino to this impromptu match.
Chris Camaro vs. Gino Martino
Chris Camaro def. Gino Martino via disqualification (Martino struck Camaro (who had suffered a concussion earlier in the evening) with two power bombs and when official Tony S. for the sake of Camaro’s health and welfare, threatened to disqualify Martino if he power bombed him again, slapped the official in the face, warranting the disqualification.) “The Rocket” Fred Curry, Jr. came rushing out and thwarted another Martino attack, preventing Camaro from further damage.
Justin Credible vs. The Sandman

The Sandman def. Justin Credible via pinfall with the white Russian leg sweep. During this matchup, the fans in attendance chanted “ECW!”

Slaughterhouse vs. Jason Knight & Ron Zombie

Slaughterhouse def. Jason Knight & Ron Zombie via pinfall when The M.O.B.'s Gino Martino & Mike Nice pulled out Zombie leaving Knight all by himself and was quickly overcome by the numbers game.

PHW Tag Team Champion Jimmy "Jact" Cash vs. "Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal" Sabu
In the main event, Jimmy "Jact" Cashwas scheduled to square off in a Trash Cans, Tables and Ladders Match against Sabu, however, after several ring introductions, he failed to appear. Cash then called for senior official Tony S. to delliver a 10-count and after it was said and done, Cash's haid was raised in victory via forfeit and tells all in attendance to "Go home, because the show is OVER!" As Jimmy prepares the leave the ringside area, Spike Dudley executed a surprise attack and struck Cash in the head with a trash can and the main event was on!
PHW Tag Team Champion Jimmy "Jact" Cash vs. Spike Dudley
Before the match can get into the thick of things, The M.O.B. come down and starts pummeling the “Original Giant Killer.” However, the true ECW Originals, Jason Knight, Justin Credible and The Sandman clean house, focus on Cash by putting him through one table propped up in the corner, The “Hardcore Icon” striking him with numerous Singapore cane shots, a super kick into a chair into his face courtesy of Jason Knight & Justin Credible and Spike finishes him off with an acid drop through a table. The fans go absolutely rabid with chants of “ECW” and then to end the show, fans entered the ring to celebrate with the ECW Originals. It was truly a defining moment in Powerhouse Wrestling history.

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